“Spaces and Flows: Ninth International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies” (Heidelberg, Germany, 25-26 October 2018)

I attended and presented a paper at the ninth international conference on urban and extra-urban studies, organised by the Spaces & Flows interdisciplinary research network, at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany on 25-26 October 2018. More than 120 delegates from 28 countries attended the conference, which focused on urban mobilities in the global north and south. Themes covered included the local effects of globalisation, the changing role and dynamics of small urban communities, migration patterns and diaspora, and dispersed versus centralised governance. I presented a draft paper entitled “Legal Frameworks, Informal Networks, Intercity Trade, and Flows of People and Goods between the Cities of the Southern African Development Community”. It is the latest iteration of my work on formal and informal economic links between the cities of SADC, and is currently being prepared for publication.

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