Urban Law Day Roundtable Webinar: Law and the New Urban Agenda, and the current crisis (6 October 2020)

Today, I was one of the invited speakers at an Urban Law Day Roundtable webinar, organised by UN Habitat jointly with the Fordham Urban Law Center. The roundtable, which also represents the launch of the book Law and the New Urban Agenda co-edited by the Urban Law Center’s Nestor Davidson and Geeta Tewari, involved some of the contributors to the book reflecting on their chapters in light of the current COVID19 crisis. I thus presented a reflection on my chapter pertaining to the legal internalization of the NUAs norms through the South African experience of legally internalizing the right to housing. The other speakers were Dr Maria Mousmouti from the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London; as well as profs Christian Iaione and Elena DeNictolis from Luiss University, Rome.


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