Publication: “Out of the Shadows: Towards a Line between Party and State in South African Local Government”

This academic article has just appeared online for the forthcoming print issue (2020 issue 2) of the South African Journal on Human Rights. Based on a desk study, which confirmed a hunch from earlier qualitative research done in a South African secondary city (see here), it aims to show the need for a clearer wall between political parties and state institutions in South Africa. The focus is on urban local government level where, it is argued, the absence of a dividing line between legislative and executive functions exacerbates the anti-democratic effects of a party/state conflation. The usurpation of local governance functions by unaccountable party-political structures is argued to frustrate urban autonomy and thereby to undermine the federal elements of the constitutional system of cooperative governance, not least through re-centralising local authority in national or regional structures.

You can read the article here or email me for a copy.

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