IACL Research Group: “The Constitutional Status of Cities”

The International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) has recently approved the creation of a new research group on the constitutional status of cities. The group will host a session at the forthcoming IACL world congress (to be held in Johannesburg towards the end of this year) and aims ” to create an inclusive forum for an open interdisciplinary dialogue on the constitutional role of cities in the 21st century” through which “academics, policymakers, non-state actors, and other stakeholders can exchange ideas on city governance to address the challenges faced by cities due to political, ecological, and socio-economic crises”. The group is to be convened by judge David D Barron of the US Court of Appeals (first circuit). Together with Ben Gussen from the Swinburne School of Law in Melbourne, I will be a co-convenor of the group. You can read more about the group here.

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