African School on Decentralisation

The African School for Decentralisation, co-organised by the Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights at the University of the Western Cape and the Centre for Federal and Governance Studies at Addis Ababa University, is taking place in cape Town and Stellenbosch this week.

It was a pleasure to participate in the programme and to interact with the diverse audience, which included mayors from several major cities across Africa. I presented a lecture entitled “Inclusivity: The right to the city” on Tuesday 31 May and, on 1 June, participated in a panel on “Democracy and cities”, chaired by prof Zemelak Ayele from Addis Ababa University and also featuring UWCs profs Jaap De Visser and Nico Steytler, and prof Eva Maria Belser from Fribourg University.

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