Presentations on urban constitutionalism, the right to the city and urban governance

I had a really busy week, starting with a research visit to Antwerp where I presented a talk on “Corporations, urban governance and human rights” to the University of Antwerp’s Law and Development Research Group on Tuesday 22 November, followed by a talk entitled “Advancing the right to the city through rights to housing and health: South African examples” at an interdisciplinary seminar organised by the Urban Studies Institute at the University of Antwerp on Wednesday 23 November. Then, after being a respondent to an in-house NIAS seminar back in Amsterdam on Thursday the 23rd, I was in Tilburg on Friday 24 November, presenting a paper entitled “The urban intermingling of socio-economic rights, developmental local government and intergovernmental relations in South African constitutional law” at a seminar entitled “Towards urban constitutionalism: Exploring constitutional and rule of law challenges in the urban age” held at Tilburg University for authors of a forthcoming special issue of the Hague Journal on the Rule of Law. Many hours of hastily finishing powerpoint slides on train journeys, but also many hours of learning from amazing scholars working on the intersections between public law and urban governance.

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